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My goal is simply to make some money working from home using the internet. I am always looking for easy and cheap. I don't want to leave my house to do hotel meetings or drop off products (how is that work at home?). Below is what I am doing:

GDI is the easiest affiliate program I have ever seen. It is my Internet Business Card, my resume, my skills and how I am branding myself. GDI has allowed me to earn different checks from different companies. All I have done since day one (May 2004) is get people to my site and from my site to the short, amusing Flash Presentation.

GDI Flash Presentation
GDI Testimonials

If you get involved with GDI, be sure to get an easy to remember domain name in case you do any radio, internet radio blogs, internet videos, etc.

- Veretekk
GDI is my Internet Business Card, Veretekk is the Marketing system that allows me to show my Internet Business Card. They have live VoIP Conference Room Trainings and it is FREE to get started and even earn some income. I have learned a lot from their trainings including search engine optimization and daisy chaining.

Veretekk Affiliate Site
Veretekk Testimonials

There is a trainer in Veretekk who spent four months going to different trainings learning everything he could about Search Engine Optimization (getting your site #1 at google). He charges $250 an hour to get a client's site listed number one in google. You can learn from him for FREE or pay him $250 an hour. The choice is yours.

This is the HOTTEST FREE program I have seen (9 levels to earn commissions on). Doesn’t cost anything to join, never ever have to buy anything to earn commissions. I do ask that the next time you buy something like a USB mouse from or Tom’s of Maine shampoo from, you do it through MPM. Everyone knows how to shop, what products and services they want and from the stores and vendors they know.

MPM Affiliate Site (this is Big Mike’s site, it is in my best interest to build my 4th level).
MPM Calculator

- Free Conference Room
This is part of Veretekk. Give away Free Conference Rooms. With this conference room, you can upload power point presentations as well as use the whiteboard to show people basic and advanced html. It is also possible to record presentations and be available for playback 24 hours a day (people can see your narrated power point presentation anytime they need to). You get paid anytime someone upgrades from a free room to a paid room (I am using a 10 person room and getting some of it back). Join Veretekk as a Free Silver member, start giving away Free Rooms.

Free Conference Room

- LYC Online
I don't like being 40. I just use the HGH Revitalizer and Noni. I use the HGH Revitalizer for my gray hairs on my side and also for other stuff (which I don't like talking about) being associated with being 40. I list this as my last opportunity as I do not twist people's arms. I will never try to get people to stop smoking, stop drinking, eating fatty foods and letting small stuff get to people (some people want drama). I am not into that (or convincing people to exercise which I reluctantly do 4 days a week). However if you would like to look a few years younger, I would take a look.

LYC Online Site

- TalkShoe voice talk shows and discussion groups - Talkcasts
Make Money Hosting and Referring other hosts. Doesn't cost you a thing to join. My advice, get a .ws website domain called "Ask Your First Name" (example Both your show and website should be on topics that you are really interest in and have knowledge of. It could be sewing, making wine, brewing beer, sports, tv, religion, politics, etc. On your show mention your website and on your website have links to recorded shows. Submit some press releases along the way, people will find you and you will brand yourself.

TalkShoe Site (Be sure to use "theinternetguy" as referrer for hosting).

Below is a link for my calendar and entrance to my Live VoIP Conference Room for training, support, FAQ's, etc. I have a "whiteboard" where I can show people just about anything. Feel free to leave me messages on my board. I am usually available after 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Thursday until 10:00 pm and sometimes on weekends. Check my calendar to be sure. The password is "guest."
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