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Do not buy any leads from any of those so called leads companies. They will kill your enthusiasm for your opportunity as well as for those you bring into your opportunity.

I will show you how I get my leads and let you know at the same time this is how Leads companies get their Lead Information. I will also explain what exactly a Double opt-in verified lead is and when it does and does not work.

If you go to my "Best of the Web" page, you will note I am giving away Free Stuff like Free Vacations, Free Ad Blasters, Free leads, etc. These links are being circulated all over the web. I am using a lot of different techniques to get them circulating but it is working. There is a learning curve to what I am doing but if you are really serious about learning how to use the web to earn an internet income, you will stay with me.

When someone fills in their information, they immediately get an e-mail with my name on it telling them to verify everything. Verification is extremely important in your online campaigns. Once they actually confirm the verification e-mail, they become my exclusive double opt-in verified leads. When I open up a dialogue with them, they know immediately who I am and the experience has been very positive. No one has been negative.

If (I won't do this) I sold this information as a Double Opt-In Verified Lead to you, you will not have the same experience. Why? They don't know you. They didn't verify their information with you, they verified it with me Alan Zibluk. It makes a huge difference. I use to buy leads many years ago, get the courage to call them and be told I was a bad person for being the 21st person who called them. I was crushed.
I am really against these so-called leads company. They capture a visitor's information like I do but then sell it a whole bunch of times. After a while, the visitor gets really annoyed with all the different communication he or she is receiving and the experience becomes negative. I find it very unethical. This type of negativity can kill your business. Trust me on this.

Building you own list of exclusive premium leads is the only way to go.

All the best,

Alan Zibluk
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