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This part of the site is “about me” and my experiences. I graduated Southern Connecticut State University in May 1989 with a Bachelors Degree in Corporate Communications. I had a great time in college as the 80's were a good time.

The last seventeen years I have worked for Corporate America. If you have seen the movie "Office Space" then you get a good idea of what my job is like, except we don't have Hawaiian Shirt Friday. My job is more of a comedy than it is a drama and does provide some funny amusement.

In 1992 I bought my first computer and fell in love with the Internet (just before it got really popular). Being a communications major I immediately saw the potential.

I started looking at different work at home opportunities. In 1996 I joined my first “work at home” opportunity which was with a nutritional company. Excellent products, excellent management and a good upline support team. I however just couldn’t make it work. I tried. I really did want to “save the world” but too many people just take their health for granted. People smoke, eat fatty foods and don’t exercise. They do not want to change their lifestyle.

I believe nutritional companies have way too much competition. Everyone’s products are the best. I personally could never explain why one nutrient compliments another one while another nutrient counteracts another one. I also could not pronounce some of the ingredients.

In 2001 I left my nutritional company and started doing other stuff. I actually started earning a regular income in 2002.

It is important that I share my experiences as I will tell you what works. Marketing and Communications is EVERYTHING. When it comes to marketing, promote yourself. Let people know you are a real person and you will get new clients, customers and new partners. Constantly communicate with these people. The important thing about communication is letting others know you are accessible. I am always communicating with others. I return e-mails, I return phone calls. It doesn’t matter so much what I say, what matters is that I am here.


Below is a link for my calendar and entrance to my Live VoIP Conference Room for training, support, FAQ's, etc. I have a "whiteboard" where I can show people just about anything. Feel free to leave me messages on my board. I am usually available after 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time Monday through Thursday until 10:00 pm and sometimes on weekends. Check my calendar to be sure. The password is "guest."
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